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Last Friday was my graduation ceremony. After completing my BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences, I got the chance to wear the wizard robes and stupid hats I had always seen American high school movie characters wear.


It ended up being a super special day for reasons I hadn’t foreseen. I felt more appreciation for my degree than I had done in a while, I was around some of the awesome people I got to know over the years, and I was treated – along with the other graduates – like a VIP all day.

Very cool.

The head of each major said a little something about each of their students. Some comments were rejoicing in so and so’s wedding; some were congratulatory concerning the work ethic of a particularly brilliant student; and some were downright funny like this one:

When I first met you, I thought you were a typical high school jock. You had the attitude, you looked sporty, you played funny. And then I found out that inside the jock was a massive nerd.

I think that this comment beautifully reflects the fun diversity of people that I have met in my studies. Man, Liberal Arts was the best.

Having been picked to give the valedictorian speech that year, I was getting pretty, pretty nervous by the time the ceremony started. Would people laugh at my jokes? Did I write a good enough speech or was it extremely common and lame?

I pictured a stoic audience and disappointed professors.


But then it went great. Everyone I talked to after loved my speech, and I was glad I pushed myself to do it – even though it felt like the least natural thing to say yes to. Me. Alone on stage. Talking.

I did it.

I made it through my 3 years abroad, my 3 years of Liberal Arts, and I made it through my first 3 years of independence(ish).

Let’s see what happens next.