Life hack: these 5 apps will improve your life


As someone whose phone has ridiculously little storage space, I have to be pretty selective about the apps I keep on my phone. If they’re not 100% what I need, they have to go.

No sentiments.

I am an app-heartbreaker.

But this system of only using the best apps out there makes it super easy for me to weed out the meh ones. Without further ado, here are the 5 best Android apps I use everyday.

  • SleepBot

SleepBot is a sleep cycle tracker. It’s simple: you place your phone next to you when you go to sleep and it’ll record your movements during the night. If you’re a sleep talker, you can get the app to record whatever nonsense you talk about at night – but my favourite feature about this app is the alarm. Because the app tracks your sleep cycles, it also knows when your lightest sleep stages are, and that’s when it’ll wake you up.

I often used to wake up super groggy and fall right back asleep. This app has definitely made my mornings less painful.

  • Clue

This one is for the period-having people out there. Clue is a cycle-tracking app (can you tell I like tracking things? I’m seeing a pattern here…). It’s easy to use and has lots of features. AND IT’S NOT PINK. Each day, you can input all kinds of information about your flow, what pains you might be experiencing, your mood, whether you’ve had sex or not, your energy level, your transit, the state of your skin… It’s basically awesome for learning more about what your cycle is like and how it affects you.

I don’t actually use all of that stuff, but the previsions alone are worth it for me: Clue is a lazy woman’s tool to know when she’ll probably have her (three) next periods. And that’s great.

  • Headspace

A meditation app! Wee! Meditation can be super intimidating to get into but Headspace makes it very accessible. It’s not too difficult, it’s not pushy, and it’s very well-designed.

I mentioned this app in my October goals post and I have been using it solidly (not quite everyday, but still) and really enjoying it. After a quick, 10-minute meditation, I feel more confident, calm and content. All the c-words. Well – all the good c-words.

  • Google Calendar

If you’re like me and you have trouble keeping track of what goes on in your life, you absolutely need to use a calendar app. (What are you doing. Get one now). I like Google Calendar because it’s clear and easy to use. You can display your day, week, month, etc. whichever way you like; you can colour-code your events and meetings; you can get alarms and reminders for events; you can combine and share calendars… I usually have it open in my tabs on my laptop, but having it on my phone is just that much more convenient, as I get alerts directly on there and I can check what my plans are for the next day, week or month on the go.

  • EyeFilter

Last but definitely not least: EyeFilter! In fact, this is probably my favourite app on this list. Here’s a fun fact about me: I don’t like bright screens. I find them very uncomfortable and they even make me dizzy at times. So I got EyeFilter for my phone, and all it does is block the blue lights that your phone normally emits. Simple. But it makes it so much more comfortable for me to use it when the evening comes.

This app was created because the blue lights emitted by our screens (phones, computers, etc.) make it harder to fall asleep at night. Now, regardless of whether it does help me fall asleep at night or not, EyeFilter makes it comfortable for me to use my phone at night.

Love it.


These are 5 of my favourite apps, but I’d be very curious to hear what your top 5, can’t-live-without-them list is! So please do share ’em in the comments!

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