If You Have To Leave // A Short Poem

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If you have to leave,

Find a rose and leave it on my pillow

So I can remember the softness of your skin.

If you have to leave,

Let the silence grow between us

Let it grow impenetrable

And never tell me why you must go.

If you have to leave,

Wait until I am home

Until I can watch you go from the other side of the window –

I’ll wrap my arms around myself

And let in the quiet.

When you have to leave,

I’ll be thankful for the soft rain

For the green trees

For the warm tea

For the whole world still there for me to see;

When you have to leave,

I will gather all the parts I have left of you

Place them in a velvet-lined box

Lay down a kiss on the cover

And let it be.


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