Sometimes You Just Gotta Pull The Trigger

just do it, take the leap, live a little

… and live a little.

I haven’t had the headspace to write much recently, so instead I have been focusing on doing things. I have listened to more music, seen my friends more, gone to the gym, attended extra lectures and conferences, taken day trips… Less thinking, more doing. And for someone like me, that is great practice.

Sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger. You’re not being crazy for going after the things you want. You are actually doing yourself a favour, holding yourself accountable for your own needs and aspirations. Makin’ it happen. There is no time to waste second-guessing yourself. I wish someone could tell me that everyday. Hey, maybe I’ll set an alarm as a daily reminder. There is just no point keeping yourself down. Because if you don’t challenge yourself and kick your own ass out of that slump you’ve been lurking in, who will? Fairy godmothers only appear for those that earn their help. There is no better time to live the life you want to live than right now. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist. (See what I did there?).

You have to be the joy you want to feel in your life.

Bottom line is: trust it. Whatever it is, trust what you want, or think you want, or think you might want. Just go for it and see what happens. Get that crazy haircut, apply for that job, tell that person you like them and just get that damned tattoo (but be sure you really want it because that’s forever). Do more things. No – do more things you like doing. Get a blog if you must (and share it in the comments). But whatever you do, don’t let things pass you by because the timing ‘isn’t right’ or because you are ‘not ready yet’ or ‘too busy’ procrastinating.

I’m going to go ahead and heed the words of Nike: just do it.

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